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The Mid‐Ohio Valley Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) represents a unique coalition of health care organizations and entities spanning ten counties. These organizations have joined together because of a desire to share resources and coordinate the use of limited resources, more efficiently and effectively.

The Alliance works on projects to assure continuity of care, community health,  education and shared services.The shared vision is to improve the health status of the communities served by the Alliance. This is defined as the ten county area population (estimated at 180,000) served by the Mid‐Ohio Valley Rural Health Alliance.

About Us: Who We Are


The Mid-Ohio Valley Rural  Health Alliance will lead community health improvement activities. The Alliance members will collaborate to develop patient-centered initiatives focusing on community health improvement, disease prevention, and improving access to health care.

About Us: About


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Ensure access to health care in the rural  areas of the Mid-Ohio Valley through the developments of a coordinated system of care.

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Improve electronic communication among providers to enhance primary care services.

Community Service


Achieve economies of scale for provider sustainability and reallocate resources to community health improvement initiatives.

About Us: Programs


Changing the lives of our communities.


  • FARMACY program expanded into five counties and six sites (Wood, Wirt, Jackson, Calhoun, and Ritchie)

  • Partners developed MOV Mobility Management Program and supported the program through grant acquisition.

  • RCORP I adapted Regrounding Our Response-West Virginia, a comprehensive stigma reduction training program.

  • Minnie Hamilton Health Systems participated in Harvard Technology Enabled Education for Community Health Program to explore the long term affects of COVID-19.

  • RCORP III program focused on prevention, treatment and recovery services for adolescents.

  • CHIA offered listening sessions across the region for people in recovery to understand the barriers to treatment and recovery services.

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Recent Trainings for partners included information about:

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About Us: Projects
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